Sunday, July 4, 2010

Insulation | Part 2

I fitted the insulation this morning. Took about an hour. The piece of rockwool I got was just a bit too small (should have got 3 square metres) so I had to scrounge a bit of roof insulation from a skip bin on a building site. I've checked the specs on-line and I'm confident it will stand up to the heat.

I draped the insulation over, cut out a few triangle sections to make it fit the dome, then used tie wire to 'suture' the joins.

I've covered the insulation in chicken wire, to give the external coats of render something to hang onto. The method for this is exactly the same as for the fitting of the insulation. I used scrounged chicken wire, but ran out and had to buy a bit more. This was finer wire (13mm mesh/0.56mm wire) and was much easier to work with.

At the door, I've folded the wire back around the insulation, then joined the two sides with a couple of lengths of tie wire. It doesn't matter about the edges of the insulation around the door as this will be covered up by the walls of the smoke chamber. This will be added after the dome has been rendered.

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