Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some thoughts on the Dome

As you can see, at this point things aren't looking very pretty.

I've used up left over mortar to start a render coat on the outside. I don't really think that this is necessary, as there is still a layer of insulation to go on prior to the finishing coat of render being applied.

A coat of render at this stage though,will
  • use up left over mortar
  • seal up any gaps between the bricks
  • even out the dips and hollows of the bricks to provide a consistent thermal mass layer.
Sunday evening. The dome has been laid in a weekend, the dome mold is still in place to allow the mortar to set the bricks in place (I'll prob pull it out tomorrow night), and the sight has been cleaned up.

My back is aching, my hands are stinging and my hamstrings are feeling pretty tight from bending over all weekend. I'm feeling pretty content that I've created something useful and got some exercise at the same time!

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