Sunday, June 27, 2010


This is the third weekend that I have worked on this oven. The days have been pretty casual, still allowing for a sleep-in and lazy breaky whilst reading the paper.

On the first weekend I built the metal base frame and set it in place.

On the second weekend I finished off the base by laying the cement fibre sheeting and a layer of pavers.

During the week I did a few little jobs in the evenings to make sure that everything was ready to get the dome built this weekend

This weekend I whacked up the dome. It prob only took about 6 hours of actual time on the job.

Next week I'll have a bit more time on my hands. My plan is to have the oven finished by the end of next week. That will mean:
  • Covering the dome in insulation, chicken wire and render
  • Building the smoke chamber and installing a chimney
  • Laying some slate around the outside of the dome.
We'll see how it goes!

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  1. Great Blog uncle Sev! The oven looks good. 'Can't wait to have a pizza!

    From J.Sev.